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Best Buy's Geek Squad

I was on my way to work today and what do I see? A Geekmobile! I've heard of them before, but I've never seen one. This one had 3 geeks jammed into that black and white bug. It reminded me of a clown car. =)



Can Cell Phones Damage Our Eyes?

Wow, this is kind of scary. Originally posted over on /. (slashdot).



If you haven’t seen Seti@Home for some time, take another look. They have revamped their software and their website. I updated The Honor Empire Seti@Home group, so if you have an account, please join us. If not… and if you are interested in finding E.T. you can register here for free.

Google's Personalized Homepage

This portal has some wicked DHTML/Javascript going on behind the scenes. You can add just about any rss feed to your personalized google homepage. There are options for bookmarks, daily quotes, weather, movies, word of the day, top news stories, even your gmail inbox can be listed. Each of the boxes can be dragged around into any column and position you like. This portal is now officially my homepage.

Google Portal


Bal's PiFast Computations

The following computations were done using the program PiFast on an AMD T-Bird 1.33GHz with 640mb DDR ram.

Seti@home 1000 work units

Finally, 1000 Workunits!

Seti@Home 1000 Workunits

Balandar's Florida Vacation

Balandar's Florida Vacation
February 27th to March 6th 2004.
All images resized and compressed from 2272x1704 pixels.
Taken with a Canon A80. Mostly in P mode at ISO 50.
Please wait for images to load (2.28 MB). Click on the thumbnail to view a larger image.

Friday the 27th to Saturday the 28th:

Seti@Home Workunits

100, 250, 500, and 750 certificates for Seti@Home.

Must Find ET!


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