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New inhabitants for the fish tank

On November, 2nd 2005 I bought several new inhabitants for my saltwater aquarium.
A Diamond Goby, a green sand sifter starfish, and 5 baby blue-legged hermit crabs. I named the goby Moby. :)
Here is Moby in his new home.
I love that little guy. There was algae all over the bottom of the tank. He took care of it in a matter of hours. But now it's like a dust storm in the tank. He kicks of a lot of crap. I hope that will settle down over time, or maybe just siphon it out during my weekly 10% water changes.

My saltwater fish tank

Well, I decided to resetup my fish only saltwater tank to a reef tank on Oct. 22nd 2005. I let it go for far too long. Algae all over the place.
This was mostly caused by using tap water. Which is a big no-no for saltwater tanks apparently. So now, I buy all of my RO (reverse osmosis) water from the LFS (local fish store).
I decided to go with Lace rock for the base rock. It’s fairly dense, but a lot cheaper than live rock.

Sometimes I think… Is it worth the money?

Every now and then, when I am a few dollars in the hole and have to pay for bounced checks, I wonder… was it a wise choice to buy a GTO. Maybe I should have bought a house.

Like most Americans, I work 5 days a week, 40+ hours a week. For those 5 days, EVERY TIME I get into the goat, I don’t regret it!

This morning I was like (shit, need to make this $100 I have last for two weeks, maybe I shouldn’t have bought the goat). Then I sit in it, feel the comfort, and hear the pipes roar to life.

Some Jerk Hit My Car!

I walked out of Petware House on Coldwater Rd. in Fort Wayne, IN around 7:20pm… pretty dark out when it's this late these days. Anyway, I took a look over my car like I do EVERY time I get into it… Nothing. Whew, thank God.. because there is a BIG ASS Blue Pickup parked right next to my baby. Huge tires with large tread, probably off-roading type, so it has a high profile. There are two to three dozen parking spots around, and anyone of them wouldn’t have been near my car. There were even around 6 spots right in front of the store, and he parked next to me. Prick.

Stormproof Car Cover

My new custom fit car cover arrived (after a month)!

It’s a beauty. Water just rolls off.


Here is the official description:

Three more coats of wax.

It took all day, but I was able to get three more coats of Zaino on my goat. Two Z5 and one Z2.


I was able to use my new towels and applicators from http://www.autopia-carcare.com. The Concours Buffing Towel is great! I need to pick up a couple more.


More Zaino Pics.

I've uploaded more Zaino pics to my gto gallery. 529

Kruse Auction 2005

5,000 Cars are expected at the Auburn 2005 auction is the 35th edition of the “World’s Largest Collector Car Auction and Show.” For 35 years, buyers, sellers, and enthusiasts from around the globe have congregated in Auburn to celebrate automotive heritage on Labor Day weekend. Each year, the Auburn auction, in conjunction with the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Festival, promotes car collecting, sets records, provides entertainment, and sells more collector cars than any other auction in the world!



A great 2005 GTO review.

From http://www.gyrhead.com/customers.html.

2005 Pontiac GTO - Impressive Numbers, But Is It Worthy Of The GTO Name?


Gencon 2005

Gencon 2005 was a blast! Next year I’ll need to go more than just one day. Martok, Hudson, and myself from The Honor Empire were there.

The highlight of the show as meeting Tricia Helfer from Battlestar Galactica.


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