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GTO looking like new!

Well, I went in tonight to take a look at my baby. She is all sparkly with her new coat of paint. No more dents, dings, scratches, or anything else. I would have taken her home, except it's raining out. I'll wait until there is a nice sunny day, then garage her for the winter. No waxing for 90 days and then it'll be too cold after that point. /sigh I'll probably take her out for a spin or two if the weather is nice.

The subtotal was $15,130. With Tax $15,708.

Body Labor was 74.3 hours
Paint Labor was 39.9 hours
Frame Labor was 3.5 hours


The Tweedles - Episode 1

For those of you not living in the great city of Fort Wayne ((Sarcasm)), you can now view The Tweedles in it's entirety on google video!



Einstein's Knees

Einstein's knees popped out of socket today. He had to go to the doc. They say it happens to 50% of his breed. If it happens often, he'll have to have surgery. :(

Life is really a disappointment at times.


Rocky Horror Picture Show

Those were the only two pictures I took with my phone. I forgot the batteries for my camera! Which sucks! There was nudity (don't worry, none in these pictures), cherry popping, latex glove snapping, stripping, and other fun goodness. Ahh well.


GTO Wrecked

Raining, lost traction, and ended up in a ditch yesterday morning.

The back end started sliding out from under me when going around a curve (clockwise/right). I turned the steering wheel too sharply to the left sending my car in the other direction and going sideways across both lanes. Panicked and hit the gas (400 hp car and hitting the gas is like an insta 20 mph jump).



New Video from The Tweedles!



The moon is full tonight

I snapped this tonight.


So like, I can't see and stuff.

Blast it all to hell! Glasses broke. So here I am, trying to superglue this thing back together so I can at least see, and now there's super glue on the lens! It looks like I get a trip to the eye doctor. They say it's going to be a week to 10 days to get the new lenses in  (after they do the test and all and I pick the new frames).



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