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Weekend Fun

A lot of us went down to Zach's in Indy for the weekend for a friend's 21st bday. It was a blast. Lots of laughs, upside down margaritas, snake bites, kamikazes, the compatability game, who's line is it anyway, and cheese burger paradise. And the Colts won.


Happy New Year!!... =D… =)…. =/…. =(

My new year's resolution was to enjoy life more. It's very vague, which leaves a wide variety of activities for me to do. Which is perfect, since there is a lot I want to do this year. But… the first event of this year would be me getting my grand prix stuck in mud.


So I can check that off my list of things-to-do.


Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

Just wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! And whatever you do, be safe.


Fun Weekend

So Friday night I went to a Jazz recital at IPFW, which was okay. Took pics, recorded movies. It was all good.

After the Jazz recital, everyone went over to Jimmers. We being: Valarie, Crystal, James, and Jon. Lots of merrymaking and watching Margaret Cho. Jimmer sang the flinging poo song. Bubba was bursting out in song from his room randomly. People kept getting up to pee every 10 minutes.  It was around 5am before everyone passed out.


New Hard drive on it's way

There were some after-thanksgiving sales yesterday for online stores and since I am maxed out on disk space (taking too many camera pictures and video these days) I needed another hard drive. I decided on an external since my computer is pretty much maxed out on capacity. I decided on the Western Digital My Book Essential Edition 500 GB Hard Drive. I absolutely love the look.

It's a Bug's Life

So I was playing with the macro lens on my camera and found this fellow lurking around on my fishtank. He wasn't very big, only around a 1/2" in length.

New Camera Bag

I recently bought the Canon S3 IS digital camera (which is awesome by the way) and needed a new camera bag.



About me.

I'll get around to writing this some day...

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The Tweedles - Episode 1

For those of you not living in the great city of Fort Wayne ((Sarcasm)), you can now view The Tweedles in it's entirety on google video!



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