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The Tweedles - Episode 2

This is the second episode of a public access television sketch comedy group called THE TWEEDLES who are based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana. It runs just over 25 minutes and features over ten original sketches including "CRAPPY LOCAL NEWS", which has been featured on Newstalk radio station WOWO 1190 AM.


THE TWEEDLES have posted yet another chortleriffic
sketch for you on our MySpace Page. Or you can also
view it at the following link

Or Just watch it right now below.


A new sketch from The Tweedles Ep. 2!

A boy decides whether to give his money to a homeless person for food, or to give his money to a wealthy man so that the man can get a new Porsche.

Transformers Movie - GO SEE IT!!

This was a really well done movie, some of the fights between the auto-bots was long, but the movie had a lot of good humor (a lot!), things blowing up, gun fire..... plenty of ACTION!

Anyway, the camero in it looked really sweet. And I've seen that as the new concept for the camero that is coming out. But I didn't know they had one made already. Well, they don't! Sorta..

New Hard drive on it's way

There were some after-thanksgiving sales yesterday for online stores and since I am maxed out on disk space (taking too many camera pictures and video these days) I needed another hard drive. I decided on an external since my computer is pretty much maxed out on capacity. I decided on the Western Digital My Book Essential Edition 500 GB Hard Drive. I absolutely love the look.

It's a Bug's Life

So I was playing with the macro lens on my camera and found this fellow lurking around on my fishtank. He wasn't very big, only around a 1/2" in length.

Holy shi*t that's fast!

Well, I broke my old record of 145 mph. I think that's about it for me for now... I can live with the 150 MPH CLUB! emoticon

Battlestar Galactica

TONIGHT! Sci-fi, 10pm EST. Do not forget! 

That is all.

- Bal

Christmas Weekend

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

Well, it got up to 36F on Christmas Eve, warm enough to hand wash my GTO. I’ve been driving it the last few days, so she was a bit dirty. All clean now!

820 817

My main gift on Christmas day was another GTO!!! That’s right, but only 18th the size of the gasoline variety. It’s a diecast from GMP.

823 826


More Gallery Pics!

I added several more puppy pictures and a few fish tank pictures today.








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