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Stormproof Car Cover

My new custom fit car cover arrived (after a month)!

It’s a beauty. Water just rolls off.


Here is the official description:

Details: Stormproof represents the state-of-the art in vehicle cover fabrics. After years of research and testing, Coverking found a leading textile mill in Japan which was capable of producing the ultra-micro fiber cloth, but woven in a very unconventional method to produce extreme water resistance, sun resistance, snow/ice resistance while maintaining very high levels of breathability, WITHOUT TREATMENT OR COATINGS! Other fabrics available on the market are the result of marketing hype, with no real engineering - the materials are initially very water resistant, but little breathability. Those fabrics rely on coatings around the fibers which provide the water resistance. Unfortunately, consumers who have spent a great deal of money on these covers soon find that after a year of use, the cover degrades, the water resistant properties have vanished, and the color has faded. Stormproof has undergone a battery of testing to assure it's superior properties remain intact for several years of outdoor use. There is no better material available on the market today.


Good thinking. Now it will stay shiney forever.

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